Email Sending & Receiving issues

  • 16th November 2021
Update - 10:32 PM, IST The engineering team has successfully completed the maintenance on IMF nodes in order to stabilize services. All the services have returned back to operational status. We will provide a detailed post mortem once a full investigation is completed. Services were fully restored at 10:32 pm IST, monitoring continued to ensure ...
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Business Email - Login Issues

  • 29th October 2021
Issues Resolved : 9:15 AM, IST 29 Oct 2021 The issue has been fixed. All services are operational now.   Team, DOMGYS   New incident: 8:30 AM, IST 29 Oct 2021 Investigating   we are experiencing degradation of Business Email service. we have already deployed a fix for which we are monitoring. We will provide an update ...
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Email sending Issues- Hosted email

  • 18th October 2021
Oct 18 11:47 PM IST Incident Resolved: Incident has been resolved. It was occured because of the hardware failure, which has been replaced successfully. All operations have been restored and email queue has been successfully pushed to destinations. Thanks for extended patience. regards,   Team, DOMGYS       Oct 18, 20:45 PM ...
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POP access issues

  • 8th September 2021
Updates at 18:50 pm Our engineering team was able to isolate the issue to a subset of users. We have corrected the issue and we are now confirming POP3 connections remain consistent for the affected users.   Updates at 18:15 pm Our Network team is involved now and checking for the root cause. Currently no further issues have been reported by ...
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